The organisers of the festival come from France and Sweden but also from other countries, and they have been preparing the 2018 edition since February this year. Each volunteer commits differently depending on their interests, skills and time available. The festival is organised in working groups: film selection, school activities, communication, cultural activities. Everybody is welcome, even if you only plan to be in Uppsala for a few months, as is often the case for Erasmus students. So get in touch if you are interested to participate! In addition to the organizing committee, we also welcome half a dozen volunteers for the time of the festival.

In 2018 : Ingrid Axén, Johanna Berg, Philippe Collet (the founding member of the festival), Barbara Delestre, Antoine Decoux, Estelle Duluc, Astrid Foix-Colonier, Carl David Hagman, Joël Horne, Asfaw Hunde, Emeline Lhermite, Jonathan Lombard, David Naïm, Jonna Olsson, José Petri, Marion Ribes et Grégory Vaumourin.