Director: Jacques Tati
Actors: Maine Vallee, Jacques Tati, Paul Frankeur
86min | 1947

All is calm in this little village in the center of France until the fairground entertainers arrive with their trailers. Then the fair gets under way: carousel, lottery, brass band and a traveling cinema where François, the local postman, discovers a film about the American postal service. Encouraged by the whole village, he sets out to deliver the mail “American Style”.

The short movie Open the door, please” will be presented before the movie

Date: Sunday November 25
Time: 20:15
Venue: Slottsbiografen
Language: French with English subtitles

A movie he appreciated dearly. Even though he is sometimes perceived as a stern author, Bergman always loved both the comical power and the poesy of the burlesque cinema, of which Tati was an extraordinary representative. Bergman himself experienced the genre in All these women (För att inte tala om alla dessa kvinnor). In 1947, when The Big Day was released, Bergman directed his third film L'éternel Mirage (Skepp till India land). He was only 29 years old.


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